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Send us your sample and we will measure its electron spin resonance spectrum at no charge! We can accept non-toxic liquid or solid samples for testing.

• The minimum sample size for liquids is approximately 5mL.

• For solids, the sample must be sized to fit inside a glass sample tube of 5.0mm ID.

Please include a description of the product to be tested, your name, address and contact information, and be sure to include any necessary precautions regarding sample handling.

Mail samples to:
Active Spectrum Inc.
1191 Chess Dr. Suite F
Foster City, CA 94404

If more information is required, please fill out the contact form below or call us at +1 650-212-2625:

  Email Address

  Disclaimer: Active Spectrum Inc. takes no responsibility for the results of the free sample test, and samples will not be returned except by prior arrangement. Samples sent to us without accompanying contact information or an adequate description of the contents will be disposed of in an appropriate manner. For further information on this free offer, please contact us at +1 650-212-2625 or  

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