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>>>> Active Spectrum's Benchtop Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometers (Product Catalog)




>>Extended Range ESR

    Benchtop Micro-ESR

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The Benchtop Micro-ESR™ includes our patented miniature electron spin resonance spectrometer, operating at 9.7 GHz, with a sweep range of up to over 500 Gauss and sub-micromolar sensitivity in aqueous solution.

Also included are a full Windows computer system, integrated touchscreen, Ethernet and multiple USB ports.

See data sheet (PDF)

    heavy oil - Extended Range ESR

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The extended range benchtop ESR has an electromagnet that can sweep up to 7000 Gauss. Excellent sensitivity including aqueous samples. Not only an excellent spectrometer for spin trapping and spin labeling experiments, the increased range allows for the observation of complete transition metal spectra as well. Variable temperature options are available, including use at 77 K.

See Data Sheet(PDF)


>>On-line (Flow)

    heavy crude - Online

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The Micro-ESR™ sensor can be installed in a flow-thru configuration for automated fluid monitoring and process applications. Micro-ESR™ provides direct, highly specific chemical information on fluid composition in real-time. Examples of applications include monitoring metals concentration in fluids, monitoring asphaltene content in crude oil, and measuring lubricant oxidation.

See article (PDF, 19 pages)

See datasheet (PDF)


>>Processing and Analysis Software

    Proccessing software

Active Spectrum's Processing and Analysis Software
  • User Friendly interface
  • Runs on any windows computer
  • Complete User Manual

  • Request a copy of the Micro-ESR Processing and Analysis Software Manual



        Micro-ESR™ accessories provide the best spectrometer sensitivity and ease of use to optimize your results!

        Sample Tubes Sample tubes:
    Quartz ESR sample tubes are recommended for all sample types to optimize spectrometer sensitivity, including aqueous samples.

    Active spectrum sells quartz ESR tubes from 5mm to 2mm OD. ASI also sells 5.8 and 2.3 mm borosilicate tubes.
    Rectangular cells or quartz capillaries are recommended for use with polar solvents.

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        Needles 6" Loading Needles:
    2 options: 20 Ga., 12 ga.,
    (sold in packs of 25).

    $75 per pack
        LN2 Dewar

    Liquid Nitogen Dewar:

    Custom made for use with Active Spectrum's spectrometers

    Easily run samples at 77 K



        Rectangular Rectangular Tubes:
    More than double your signal to noise with aqueous and other polar solvents.

    $50 per pack (5 tubes)
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