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Magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an important tool in both scientific research and medicine. Although NMR/MRI are more routine tools than ESR, the underlying principles are the same. This makes Active Spectrum's Micro-ESR an ideal tool for undergraduate laboratories as it is small, easily moved, and affordable for even small colleges. The experiments in the Education Package are designed for undergraduate chemistry and physics labs. All the experiments are independent, and cover a wide range of topics. The spectrometer is easy to use, but also allows students control over many important parameters. The Micro-ESR will also make a great addition to any instrumental lab.

Benchtop Micro-ESR   >>Benchtop Micro-ESR

Active Spectrum sells the world's
smallest and least expensive electron
spin resonance spectrometer. Industrial,
scientific, and educational applications of
ESR are now extraordinarily cost-
effective. With sub micro-molar sensitivity,
the micro-ESR offers remarkable performance.

  Education Package Brochure

Micro-ESR Spectrometer
Micro-ESR Experiments Manual with Seven Labs
Instructors Guide to Micro-ESR Experiments
Lab Accessory Kit
Micro-ESR User's Manual
Micro-ESR Analysis and Processing Software with Manual

Micro-ESR as a Laboratory Teaching Tool

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