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Benchtop NMR for Quantitative Elemental Analysis

Accurately measure the concentration of many elements, including 23Na, 19F, 11B, 7Li, 31P, and 27Al, in solution. The analyte can be measured as is in either organic or aqueous solvent in less than one minute. Only one calibration per solution type is required before starting sample analysis.

Conventional NMR spectrometers require a dedicated laboratory, trained personnel, and expensive cryogenic fluids. The MobiLab 130 is a compact, light-weight, and affordable elemental analyzer that uses NMR technology. The user friendly, intuitive interface means that no special training is required to operate the spectrometer. Because the spectrometer has such a small footprint, it can be easily moved to a fume hood, glove box, or any site that the MobiLab 130 is needed.


Accurately determine the sodium content of foods with little or no sample preparation
Measure sodium concentrations from as little as 0.01 weight percent to samples saturated in sodium.

Rapid and Accurate Measurement of Elements in Solution
Choose single or multi-element analysis, no sample prep, and rapid time to results.

A new technology used by mining companies in the field
Measure the concentration of lithium and other important elements in under a minute

Measure the concentration of lithium brine in the field in less than a minute
Article published in Panorama Minero .

MobiLab 130 Portable, Easy to Use, and Precise

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