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> BMPO: Free Radical Spin Trap for Biology


"Spin traps" are scavengers of free radicals; therefore, they can protect against reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the underlying oxidative stress.(1-3)For example, spin traps afford protection against cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury (4) and certain neurodegenerative conditions. (5) Biological studies in vivo and in vitro have mostly used the spin trap DMPO, which is an hydroscopic oil prone to degeneration. In contrast, the spin trap BMPO is a superior scavenger of free radicals and is a crystalline solid that is easy to handle and weigh out.

BMPO can also be used in vivo or in vitro to trap hydroxide, superoxide, and thiyl radicals. Spectroscopically, BMPO has a number of other advantages over DMPO: The BMPO-OOH spin adduct has a half life of 23 minutes, and does not decay into the hydroxyl adduct (6,9). The ESR spectra of BMPO-OH and BMPO-glutathionyl are distiguishable; whereas, the corresponding spin adducts with DMPO have overlapping spectra. (6)

Active Spectrum now offers high-purity BMPO at a very competative price for researchers in free radical biology. (Not for human or veterinary use)


NMR Spectrum of BMPO

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