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Welcome to Active Spectrum, a division of Bruker BioSpin

Active Spectrum manufactures magnetic resonance spectroscopy solutions based on our patented Micro-ESR (electron spin resonance) technology. We design and distribute the world's first and only purpose-built on-line ESR spectroscopy solution! Our revolutionary technology can be used for oil analysis and online analysis of petroleum, lubricants, as well as many other industrial sensing applications including the detection of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. The Micro-ESR is also an excellent teaching tool for undergraduate chemistry and physics. It is portable and will fit in any lab including a fume hood or even a glove box.

We offer a full line of miniature electron spin resonance spectroscopy products (ESR / EPR) in both Benchtop (now also available with extended range magnet) and Online configurations, along with custom accessories and industry-specific chemical analysis solutions. We offer rapid, and relatively inexpensive, non-destructive tests for asphaltene and vanadium concentration in heavy crude oil. These tests are available for both our online and benchtop models. Our sensors can measure the composition and concentration of free radicals in any fluid or solid sample. Customized solutions include explosion-proof enclosures, high-pressure and/or high-temperature sampling options and custom connectors and data interfaces.

Benchtop Micro-ESR

The world's smallest and least expensive electron spin resonance spectrometer. With sub micro-molar sensitivity, this model offers remarkable performance. Also included are an automatic temperature controller and full Windows 7 computer system with Ethernet and multiple USB ports.

Online Micro-ESR

The world's first industrial process monitoring instrument that provides real-time, embedded, nondestructive measurement of free radicals and some transition metals.

Optimize the sensitivity of your Micro-ESR spectrometer with our full line of accessories including thin-walled sample tubes (1.7, 2.0, 2.3, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.8mm OD) and sample-loading needles (6" long in 20ga and 12ga sizes).

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Active Spectrum's Micro-ESR business has been acquired by Bruker BioSpin.

Some Examples of Benchtop ESR Applications and Data

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August 21-23, 2016: ASI will be exhibiting at the 252nd American chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition Details Philadelphia, PA
Active Spectrum will be in booth #436

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